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Queen of TF: Bat vs. Cats (Batgirl Bat TF)
Makatsa laughed, the screens flickering of her sharp fangs as her mouth twisted into a cruel smile.  The defeat and subsequent transformation of Ruby Rose had lifted her spirits, her plans set back on track.  The headstrong huntress had fallen into line more quickly than expected without Psyklaw's mental manipulations to back them up.  She had joined the Hylian Princess in the north of the island to harass the knight, drawing her closer into Makatsa's trap.  She had sent Storm and Korra to ensure that the Bounty Hunter remained grounded, cut off from her ship, and dispatched a newly stabilized Regina to distract Tifa Lockhart.  Newly confident in her minions, she turned her attention to her most pressing issue, a troubling alliance that had formed despite her best efforts.  She mused at the unexpected cooperation between the group.  A vigilante crime fighter, a jewel thief and a demon-slayer from Feudal Japan.  What an odd combination.  
:iconkathalia:Kathalia 6 0
Mature content
Commission: Whaaa, I'm a GIRL!!! :iconvirus-g:virus-g 101 26
Happy Tenth, Optimus Prima! :iconshibamura-prime:shibamura-prime 72 15 April O Neil LaMole 2017 :iconelias-chatzoudis:Elias-Chatzoudis 574 16 Comm: Full Moon Discount 05 :iconviroveteruscy:ViroVeteruscy 15 2 Comm: Full Moon Discount 04 :iconviroveteruscy:ViroVeteruscy 9 1 Comm: Full Moon Discount 03 :iconviroveteruscy:ViroVeteruscy 10 1 Comm: Full Moon Discount 02 :iconviroveteruscy:ViroVeteruscy 13 1 Comm: Full Moon Discount 01 :iconviroveteruscy:ViroVeteruscy 13 1
Moonlit Classroom [Werewolf tf]
:iconcourage-and-hope:Courage-and-Hope 130 44
That Fateful Night [Part1]
'That night... That accident... What happened that night? What was that thing? I only saw it for a second, a black blur in the night, then the next thing I knew I was on the hospital bed with Joseph by my side, a huge wound on the side of my body. I was stuck in the hospital for two weeks, but now I'm fine... but what was with that thing? The thought of what did that to scares me. What in the world could've done that?'
Kevin ran these words through his head, looking down at the ground, idly sipping on his can of coke. The voice of his best friend and next door neighbour, Joseph, droning on about this one girl he just met during his run to the nearby convenience store, was blocked out by the repeating sounds of his screaming that night. He couldn't stop thinking about what had happened.
"You think I should call her yet?" Joseph asked. He punched Kevin's arm when he wasn't getting an answer. "Hello? Kev? You listening?"
"Huh?" Kevin shook his he
:iconcourage-and-hope:Courage-and-Hope 51 21
Werewolf/Werehog -Werewolf tf-
Chris woke up with a start as a howl filled the dark night sky. He rolled around in his bed, and decided that he couldn't fall asleep again. Chris jumped out of his bed and walked up to the window. A large, pale, white moon stared back at him, shining its dark white light over Chris' bedroom.
"Hey," Chris whispered to himself. "That's pretty cool."
Chris changed from his pyjamas into a red short-sleeved shirt, and a pair of old jeans. Chris silently made his way downstairs and slipped on his sneakers before opening the door to the backyard.
The moon lit the whole backyard, as if somebody held a dim light bulb over the grass. Chris stepped out and was captured by the majestic face of the moon. He stared at it and walked forwards, but froze when he noticed a figure in the middle of the yard.
It was about Chris' height, and covered in navy blue fur. It's body looked bulk, but it still looked pretty agile. It was on its knees, silent as Chris slowly approached the figure, his brown hair bl
:iconcourage-and-hope:Courage-and-Hope 126 38
Love Bites
"Charlotte." I looked deep into her dark emerald eyes and smiled. Our foreheads touched and I wrapped my arms around her waist. "I love you."
She smiled back and tilted her head a bit. "Vlad," she wrapped her arms around my neck. "I love you, too."
I pulled her dark brown hair back behind her ear and kissed her cheek. She smiled when I straightened up and kissed me. I stepped back a bit in shock, but then smiled back and regained my balance.
"I- I- I, uh," I stammered.
"Love me? You said that already, silly!" She laughed.
I felt my face getting warm, I was a little pink.
I smiled back. "And I'll say it over and over again." I leaned forwards and kissed her.
Charlotte, she meant everything to me. She was everything I had. She was my best friend, and when I told her that I was a vampire, she didn't freak out. She stayed with me and we grew closer over that subject.
Last month, we started dating, and everything was perfect. She may be "the one".
I brought her closer and hugged her tight.
:iconcourage-and-hope:Courage-and-Hope 4 2
Random Wolf Poem...?
Note: This isn't serious or anything. it's just a quick toss-up. dont expect anything good.
The wolves come forth, prowling in the night
Their eyes murderous, glowing, yellow, bright
Teeth. sharp. deadly, ripping prey to shreds
Beware these beasts, if not you'll be dead
Man into wolf, innocent to not
Hear how they howl, humanity
:iconcourage-and-hope:Courage-and-Hope 5 0
Night of the Wolf
I yawned as I saved the document I was just finishing up and logged off of my computer. I quickly glanced at my watch as I gathered my things. Eleven p.m. Not bad, I thought. Just another hour and I’ll be home and fast asleep. I locked up my office door and stared at the ground as I ambled through the silent hallway. It was so eerily silent that I jumped and nearly dropped my stuff when I heard a small voice.
“Heading home, Mister Renland, sir?” I took a second to rebalance myself and reorganize my stuff before turning around to see Becky, our receptionist.
“Uh, yeah, Becky. It’s getting too late for my taste.” I nodded to her. “Also,” I added, “I told you to call me Mason. ‘Mister Renland’ is just way too formal for me.”
“Yeah, sure thing, sir!” She nodded frantically, jotting down something on a sticky note that I guessed was a reminder of what I just told her.  
“You can drop the sir, too.
:iconcourage-and-hope:Courage-and-Hope 25 3
Mature content
Werewolf's Curse 2/4 - Hunt [Gore] :iconcourage-and-hope:Courage-and-Hope 14 16


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Just want wish every one a new 2017 NEW YEARS,See you in 2017 ^-^ !!


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